SharePoint Online – Create communication sites using REST API and jQuery

At this year’s SharePoint Virtual Summit, Microsoft announced several improvements to SharePoint Online and One Drive. One of the important and interesting additions to that is new “Communication Sites”.

So, what is a communication site ?

According to this

A SharePoint communication site is a great place to share information with others. You can share news, reports, statuses, and other information in a visually compelling format.

Communication site is like Team Site in SharePoint site that anyone can create in the organization from SharePoint Home (it is available only in Office 365 and not in the on premise environment, neither 2013 nor 2016). So, this is for internal users of organization.
Communication sites are beautiful, dynamic sites that let you reach a broad internal audience, and that appear great on the web, in the SharePoint mobile app, on PC and of course on Mac.

So, how do I create communication site ?

There are 2 options –

1) Using the UI.

To create a communication site from the UI, simply go to your app launcher and click on the SharePoint tile and then click on create a site. Follow the below 2 screenshots:



I am using a first release tenant. In case you dont see these options, you need to wait for the general release of communication sites.

2) Using REST API endpoint and jQuery.

You can programmatically create communication sites using the REST API endpoint provided by SharePoint. Below is a simple example using jQuery, however its easily portable to angular or any other framework that you use.

There are 3 flavors available when you create a communication site, namely, Topic, Showcase and Blank.

Note: New in this API is the concept of SiteDesignID. Much like the in-product site creation flow, the SiteDesignID parameter maps to the included site designs. They are as below, just modify the above endpoint’s SiteDesignID parameter to create a communication site of your flavour:

  • Topic: null
  • Showcase: 6142d2a0-63a5-4ba0-aede-d9fefca2c767
  • Blank: f6cc5403-0d63-442e-96c0-285923709ffc
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